Professional Service

M-PAK Consulting Co.           

It focuses on the professional data consulting and market survey work on packaging industry. It is the only professional consulting company in packaging industry. Its business includes: provide market research, consulting and database sales services.

Market research and consulting service
Provide information and analyze market environment, consumer behavior and packaging attitude on packaging market. Provide help to clients on market entering, market segmentation, products positioning, price strategy, sales promoting, channel organizing and managing and help them to make a better commercial decision.

Database sales service
Provide industrial database integration, client information analysis, potential client data, and database technical service and help client make a better decision to sales and promotion.

M-PAK Report

  • Data observation on the custom import and export data analysis of packaging machinery during 2000 to 2010
  • Market development analysis of end user industry in 2010(beverage, liquor, food, personal care, dairy, pharmaceutical)
  • Market demanding analysis in 2010 and the developing trend in 2011 on coding & marking equipments
  • Market demanding analysis in 2010 and the developing trend in 2011 on sleeve labeling equipments

M-PAK Column

  • End user’s Voice
  • Data Observation
  • Enterprises' Archives
  • ......